Ken Bluttman

Writer. Developer. Product Creator.

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Author (over 50 books).  Web developer.  Office automation developer.  Finance background.  
Musician.  Husband.  Dad.  Nature Lover.

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BOOKS (short list):

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B.A Economics

Queens College, Flushing, NY


Computer Science Diploma Program

New York University, New York City


Composition Major

Berklee College of Music

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Work Experience

Worked at dozens of companies either as a consultant or a full-time employee. A few key roles are highlighted here.

Tax Process and Technology Solutions Manager

Heavy advanced Excel development supporting nationwide staff in managing mid-market tax and accounting clients.

Analytic Consultant

Worked in the Wholesale Securities Operations division. Responsible for risk management initiatives.

Lead Corporate Developer

Working with the CTO, managed projects across the enterprise and trained junior programmers.

Technical Support for the Actuary Department

Heavy Excel and Access work, developing and maintaining solutions to help actuaries price insurance. Intensive high level math routines developed.

Database Developer

Worked on a variety of projects, most for internal training needs.

Sales Manager

Repsonsible for a pro-active (cold calling) sales team of 25.
Grew the department from scratch to bringing in sales exceeding $1,000,000 annually.

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